My name is Joe Peters and I own Spooky’s Pizza & Grill, in Murfreesboro Tennessee.


A little over a month ago, I made a post on our Facebook business page in which I explained why we were not wearing masks during a countywide mask mandate. Days later, my post was viewed by more than 35,000 people, shared by countless others, and generated thousands of hateful posts, instant messages, and emails. Threatening phone calls ensued along with numerous complaints to the Health Department and mayor. Prior to my post, our social media ratings were nearly perfect. Ratings we earned by providing outstanding food and customer service for 4.5 years. Ratings that plummeted overnight as hundreds of negative reviews flooded in from individuals who had never set foot inside our restaurant. Our family business was in the crosshairs of the “cancel” culture!


Social media experts warned against engaging. We were urged to delete the post, apologize, and wear masks. We were assured in a best-case scenario, Spooky’s would suffer irreparable damage. Worst-case, our doors would close permanently. I had no intention of deleting my post, apologizing, or wearing a mask. If they wanted a fight, they came to the right place! We researched the profiles of our adversaries who foolishly underestimated our resolve. Due to the sheer number of assailants, we monitored our social media pages around the clock. The instant they struck we banned, blocked, and deleted their unsolicited rants. Our mission was clear. Cancel, the cancel culture!


A month ago, I called the Mark Levin radio show. The “Great One” graciously allowed me to share my plight with his listening audience. When the call ended, the “LEVINITES” began calling, emailing, and private messaging words of gratitude and solidarity from across the country. Two days later, I called the Phil Valentine radio show with like results. At that moment, I realized how many people shared my sentiments. I asked myself the following questions. Questions I will now ask you. When did elected officials forget they serve the people, not themselves? When did we forfeit our right to free speech? When did the political beliefs of any American citizen become a gateway for slanderous attacks executed by cowards behind keyboards? When did the opinion of anyone openly disrespecting our country or Commander-in-Chief matter? And finally, when is enough, enough? If you answered now, continue reading.


Last week I was speaking with a guest who told me his employer required him to wear a mask at work. At first, he said he hated it. Two weeks later, he hardly knew it was there. Herein lies the problem. Nearly nine months ago, we were asked to wear masks for a couple weeks to “get ahead of the curve”. Then and now, NO medical or scientific evidence supports the notion that wearing an unsealed mask over our face lessens or prevents the spread of any virus. Given what little was known about Covid-19 initially, the Presidents swift restriction on travel from China was prudent. Joe Biden called him xenophobic and racist. Shortly thereafter, dozens of nations followed suit by restricting travel. Today Biden accuses the President of downplaying the virus rather than applauding his efforts to avert nationwide panic and hysteria. Biden, along with the mainstream media, disgracefully blame all Covid-19 deaths on the President. To date, neither have provided any alternative course of action that would have affected the outcome. Obviously, facts are of no interest and they would lie if the truth sounded better! Seemingly, they have forgotten 40% of all fatalities occurred after local leaders forced reluctant nursing facilities to admit patients diagnosed with the virus. Unsuspecting seniors were served a death sentence with zero accountability for their perpetrators! Democrats demanded a vaccine. Today they politicize the Presidents motives and speed with which a vaccine, and therapeutics are being developed. The medical and scientific community have yet to cure the common cold or flu. Meanwhile, Biden pleas for a cure to Covid-19! This is the ultimate, masquerade!   


Biden said if elected, he would push for a federal mask mandate. If he and the mob have their way, we will wear masks indefinitely and the country will remain at their mercy! This may be their “new” normal. It should not become ours! Make no mistake, this is not merely a mask. It is a shrewd bandit that steals your smile, personality, and humanity! It is a test market for submission and the beginning of the end for life as we know it! In the blink of an eye, a generic medical face mask has transformed into an accepted and oftentimes fashionable article of clothing. The Democrat and far Left indoctrination for total power, control, and government dependency is in full swing and is happening right over our noses!    


Many proponents for masks represent a far greater threat than any pandemic. They demonize all police and demand defunding. They release felons from prison and arrest innocent citizens for defending themselves and their property. They are hypocrites shielded by walls, gates, law enforcement and private agencies, while all ethnicities are left to fend for themselves. They memorialize criminals injured or killed while committing crimes and extinguish the memories of innocent children and adults slaughtered daily throughout the inner city. They afford no social justice for the real victims. Evidently, ALL lives do not matter! They conjure divisive narratives like white guilt, privilege, and systemic racism. They refuse to condemn rioting, looting, arson, destruction of property, businesses, and murder at the hands of Marxist radicals and Left-Wing extremists. They abandon the rule of law and allege anarchy in the streets are peaceful protests. They tout free health care for illegal aliens, pledge to tear down the wall and open all borders while threatening our Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms. They eliminate God from schools when God is so desperately needed! Perhaps most contemptable, they blame the President for decades of reckless and irresponsible local governing whose aftermath wreak havoc in Democrat run cities. Make no mistake patriots, the enemy is at the gate and will stop at nothing to destroy our country and its people! United we must stand against Marxism, fascism, socialism, and communism! In the words of Susan B. Anthony, “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”.


The Democrats unparalleled hatred toward this President has fueled one failed attempt after another to sabotage his historic accomplishments. Sadly, nothing short of him leaving the White House will ever satisfy them. Imagine the possibilities had they invested as much time focusing on the welfare of the country rather than their relentless fostering of propaganda, racial division, and condemnation. For many… suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, and despair become the order of the day. American families and businesses unnecessarily endure physical, emotional, and financial hardship while elected officials cash their paychecks. Perhaps a mask hides their shame!   


Today we proudly fly an American flag above Spooky’s Pizza & Grill. Our unapologetic display of love, respect and admiration for our country and the brave men and women who defend her laws and liberty will not be compromised! When our family business was attacked, we faced the enemy alone. From this moment forward, we will face the enemy together! We will not be bullied, intimidated, or silenced! Our freedom is non-negotiable! Together we must fight for the soul of our nation! Stand with us to protect small businesses and preserve our United States and its Constitutional republic! No longer will we willingly cover our faces with masks because MASKS ARE FOR HALLOWEEN!      


Help us reach 1,000,000 likes on our Spooky’s Pizza & Grill Facebook page before Donald J. Trump is reelected on November 3, 2020.  If you care to make a comment or purchase one of our beautiful 100% American made Masks Are For Halloween t-shirts, even better! Please save and share our story with every likeminded American, patriot, individual, and group possible. And vote early!


God bless you and your families.

God bless President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.



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